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Create sets of questions

Use text and images to create assignment questions, or browse public banks across topics in Math, English, Science.

Set unique assignments

Set assignments for score or for completion, give students extended time, and more.

Review scores and progress

Post assignments via Google Classroom. As you review results, manually override short answer questions.

Features we love:

Select question banks from www.jmap.org or from other teachers or create your own question banks.

Send assignments instantly or schedule for later and set time limitations for assignments.

Extend time, change due dates, and allow re-attempts for specific students since individualization is key.

Import your classes to JumblED easily if you are already using Google Classroom.

If you don't use Google Classroom - you can create classes on JumblED and have students join with a unique class code.

Let JumblED automatically grade assignments for you or manually grade free response questions.